Internet promotion and development of advertising campaigns

A key concern after developing or landing a website is Internet promotion or SEO optimization, because nobody will see your qualitative, interesting and useful software without this phase.

Internet promotion is quite long and complex process, the successful implementation of which depends on quality of resources. That is why we provide promotion of websites and landings, which are developed only by IT-LANCE company. In this case, we can ensure effective using of expenses and a positive result of search engine optimization. However, if you want to use the service of our specialists, but your website is developed by another company, we are ready to analyze and add a number of modifications, which allow making the site really effective and visited.

Why choose us?

The fact, that you have visited our site, says that we know what we do. The work performance and quality of specialists is proved with the time and successfully optimized projects with SEO: we have been promoting sites and landings for more than 10 years and obtained satisfying results. So one of the projects, that we have developed, regularly gets more than 20000 visitors from searching system!

Development of the advertising campaign

Internet promotion and development of websites is long process that takes more than a year. If you are not ready to wait and want to obtain the result immediately – there is a way out! It is websites promotion on the internet. Depending on the target, which you are aimed at, we offer a few sources for buying the traffic:

  • social networking;
  • contextual advertising;
  • banner advertising.

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If you do not have a site yet, we offer you our services:

Cost of promotion and SEO optimization, development of different advertising campaigns

Cost of promotion for each project is individual, because it depends on a number of factors. Our specialist will analyze your source and say possible ways of promotion and their costs. As a rule, the cost of website promotion is 1500-2500 UAH per month for average business recourses, development of advertising campaign – 1000 UAH. For detailed information contact us, and we will analyze you resource free and prepare a business proposal!

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