Installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems

Design and installation of video surveillance systems (in Kharkiv and other cities) is one of the most required methods for providing security at commercial, industrial and private organizations. Surveillance cameras allow controlling the situation at the site online, to avoid and find out the violations, to react operatively on alarm situations. Installation and maintenance of surveillance systems have to be performed by specialists so that the set of the system works harmoniously and without faults. IT-LANCE company offers a full set of installation services of different system complexity.

Also we provide an opportunity to make a contract for maintenance of video surveillance system that allows reducing the number of surveillance-down situations. It is more profitable to make preventive maintenance a time per month, than to give the surveillance camera to the service and fix it.

Sales and installation of video surveillance systems in Kharkiv

Today we exist in a world, where it is difficult to rely on trust. People want to get everything and without paying, or do things under the influence of alcohol. You might have met such people before and no one is safe of their actions. An effective way to fight against crime is the installation of video surveillance system (video camera). Today video surveillance is an essential part of different objects security, from the smallest shop to great enterprises. However, security issues are interesting for both business owners and common people, who want to be confident in entirety of their property. Affordable price for video surveillance installation services allows installing cameras in a private house without damage for family budget. This will provide you a comfortable sleep and anti-theft security for cars or vandalism on your site. Video cameras help both find out the personality of the theft and prevent the crimes. Firstly, human element works. Most of perpetrators will avoid of doing a crime or damage, if they see a camera, because they afraid of being identified and caught. Secondly, camera allows you to watch what happens online, and you can react rapidly. The security is guaranteed, if you want to buy a video surveillance system for home, office, apartment, cottage and other buildings.

How surveillance cameras work?

There are different types of cameras with different features. Everything depends on your requirements. This will be a camera for outdoor or indoor use. It has night mode or not. We recommend night mode, especially for streets. Surveillance camera allows shooting a defined area inside or outside the house. So it is important to place them correctly to get a wide-ranged view of the area. Sometimes these cameras could be connected to the indoor alarm systems or even could warn the police and other emergency services. Because of this, it is better to choose a professional enterprise with qualified specialists who provide a turnkey installation of the video surveillance in apartment, stairs hall, office, shop, and cottage. Even minimal mistakes could let to a system failure, and then all safety measures are useless. Installation of video surveillance (ip cameras) also allows you to watch what happens at your home from anywhere of the world, the main thing is to have the internet. You will be always calm, knowing everything is good at home or office.

It is better professionals provide maintenance of video surveillance.

Where is to order installation of video surveillance systems in Kharkiv?

IT-LANCE offers installation of video surveillance services in Kharkiv, providing the clients with qualitative and high-technology equipment (HikVision, Dahua, Tecsar, Panasonic ant others). The employees will choose a video surveillance system for every budget and they would satisfy customer requirements.