Installation and maintenance of security alarm systems

Installation of alarm systems for office, shop, house in Kharkiv.

The world of innovative technologies, that has recently been something fantastic, brought to our lives comfort and safety. Today, installation of security alarm systems in office, house, shop, building, apartment is the only right solution, that saves from interfere with property. These systems could be remotely controlled.

There are several types of alarm:

  • independent – the main function is to frighten away using a power sound or sound and light signal, it is useful if you have security staff;
  • console – a warming signal goes to the remote control;
  • GSM – the most modern and perspective system, that is good for different objects.

IT-LANCE provides a qualitative and fast implementation and maintenance of GSM alarms, it provides peace at your home and safety of business for a long time.

GSM has more advantages than a classical type of alarm:

  • in case of danger of infiltration not only alarm signal works, but it notifies the system holder with sms-message, call on a mobile phone, alert function could be connected for 10 different mobile phones;
  • wide range of actions;
  • opportunity of getting a surveillance camera image;
  • available price for services.

Reliable security – easy and cheap!

When people out, they have no idea what happens with their property during their absence. Installation of residential alarm system of GSM network allows to get the information from anywhere around the world.

Today market offers a great number of different sets, which include:

  • alarm sensors;
  • security controllers;
  • surveillance system.

It is better to choose equipment which corresponds to the purpose. Alarms for home, office, cottage, shop are different with functionality. Our specialists are ready to help to explore and choose the best solution.

Where is to order installation of GSM alarm in Kharkiv?

Trust the professionals. High-qualified engineers of IT-LANCE company, that have great work experience, will find an effective solution for the most difficult task. They will provide installation of alarm system in a short time, adapt this to individual requirements, and provide maintenance for the entire working life. Our company collaborates with security companies, so, if it is required, it is easy to set the alarm in a short time.