Installation and maintenance of access control systems and intercom systems

Installation of PACS in Kharkiv

Anyone, who wants to ensure maximum security and provide permit regime at the territory, has thought about installation of access control system, shortly PACS. You can order this at the company, where specialists will perform calculations, study the place of installation, propose several variants that would be chosen specially for you. Surely, people who live in a high-raised building know an appliance as a house intercom. It is a device that controls the access. You need to enter the password, if it is wrong, you will not be able to enter. You will be offered with such devices. Also, today you can find special, more reliable keys – with a fingerprint scanner. In fact, you can guess the password, but fingerprint could not be spoofed. Design, installation and maintenance of PACS would be provided after choosing the right option.

Many costumers think the installation of such security mechanism is very expensive, and it is better to use either elementary locks or alarm. It worth to say, that alarm is more expensive than the PACS. There is an available price of access control systems services, so you should have no problems with price.

Turnkey installation of access control system (PACS) takes a few hours. But there is human element, so the process depends on skills of workers. This is one of the main reasons, why you need to contact a professional and reliable company.

Components of PACS

The access point could be a door, a turnstile, an elevator or another physical barrier. Using this barrier you can remotely control the access. People usually choose the door to be the access point. Electronic access door can contain several elements, but the main is an electric lock. This device is in each stairway, and every person knows how it works.

Also modern hotels use special keys-cards. They are like a bank card, but it is programmed for opening the door. It is impossible to spoof the key and it is an advantage. It is easy to buy such access control systems.

Access control systems to the building, office, and hotel allows to record working hours of workers, the placement of each worker in buildings and to record the various unauthorized activities like: transferring the card to other people, leaving the door opened, etc. The access control system is an essential part of large enterprises.

Система контроля доступа в помещение, офис, гостиницу позволяет регистрировать рабочее время сотрудников, местонахождение каждого сотрудника в помещениях или на территории предприятия, а также фиксировать различные несанкционированные действия – передачу карточки другому лицу, оставленные незапертыми двери и т.п. На сегодняшний день, система контроля доступа является неотъемлемой частью крупных предприятий и важных информационных объектов.

Where is to order PACS in Kharkiv?

IT-LANCE offers interesting individual solutions in area of access control systems and intercom systems for apartments, and also services for installation and fast, qualitative configure of systems in Kharkiv.