Installation and maintenance of security systems

Nowadays, security and control systems are an integral engineering section of buildings. It is relevant to provide premises (enterprises, offices, shops, restaurants, private houses, apartments) with control and security technical to prevent from intrusions of mean and ensuring property security. The set of such systems is chosen for each client individually.

Control and security systems are for effective prevention of uncontrolled situations and crimes. They are an essential intervention for any task and building and perform the following functions:

  • video surveillance of premises and building sites;
  • alarm system
  • access control;
  • notification about attempt of breaking into apartment, fire or smoke pollution;
  • house automation system (gas, light, plumbing).

All of these functions depend on the type of control and security systems and its elements.

IT-LANCE company will help you in design, building and setting up of reliable control and security systems, which would be a warranty of your property.

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