Design and installation of SCS

Design and installation of SCS in Kharkiv

Structured cabling system (SCS) is a system solution, that lets people to provide interconnection between different telecommunication services. For example, local area and phone network, monitoring system, systems of access and security, etc. They are grouped using SCS, that is a hierarchical structure.

IT system efficiency and health depends on the quality during the design process, against the standards and user requirements. Against this background, you may do the project and calculate the SCS network for enterprise or business.

How to provide the installation of SCS?

Nowadays a large business is a great network of offices, branches, enterprises, they could be located in different parts of the country, and even outside the counter. Business network has to interconnect all parts into a space. Structured system perfectly meets for such aims.

It is necessary to make an operational approach to organizing these networks. Design, installation and testing of SCS at the offices, shops, enterprises perform through 5 stages. In the following instruction we are telling how to build, create or lay the SCS.

Collection of information for SCS creation. Workers come to the offices, study the space and get the necessary information from a client.

SCS design. After collecting of information engineers create a product requirement document and make a set of right equipment.

SCS product requirement document agreement. When it is necessary, we correct the document according to the requirements.

Process of lying and installation of SCS. We provide the delivery of equipment, hardware setup and laying the cable route.

Configuring and testing of SCS. Workers make a full system testing and deliver this to the customer.

It is important! After procedure of installation the customer should get the equipment and a warranty on performed work.

Where is to order the services of SCS installation in Kharkiv?

If you need installation and design of SCS, and also further implementation of engineering systems based on SCS, IT-LANCE is ready to solve the problem! We have available prices for SCS installation service in Kharkov. Our specialists provide a highly qualified design of SCS and quick installation. We provided implementation of engineering systems of any complexity.