Design and installation of LCN

Design and installation of LCN in Kharkiv

As for us, most office workers have faced with such problems, as a lack of space on a computer hard disk, necessity in an immediate displaying the file, that is on another computer at a neighbor office. Local area network solves this problem.

Creation of local network at the enterprise and in the office is necessary for file transmission and exchanging between several computers. Local area network (shortly LAN) is an interconnected group of computers over a network, which allows using together software and hardware powers. This network is one of the main communication ways between the workers, simplifying the peoples’ life.

Network constructing consists of the following stages: design, organization, configuring and installation of LAN. Even if you are good at computers, it is difficult to organize a local network by yourself. You need an expert team for work that will do their job efficiently. IT-LANCE company provides reasonable prices for installation and design of local network.

Key features of local network

You get LCN after laying and building of local network for a small business, offices, cafés, shops, hotels.

Key benefits and opportunities of local network:

  • Shared information and data storage. There is no necessity to backup data on each computer, network allows working with programs of several users and see the entered data.
  • Sharing of equipment and printers. There is no use to install a printer per computer, it is enough to install a server printer, that would make it possible to preserve the funds for purchasing and equipment repair.
  • Data security and access policy. The system would be protected and differentiated with access rights. It is useful, if you fear that the information could be intercepted by the competitors.
  • Replacement for email. Company local network provides sending of instant messages, which are immediately displayed on you interlocutor’s monitor.

Это далеко не все возможности локальных сетей, но в целом на базе качественно организованной ЛВС можно развернуть инфраструктуру любой сложности.

Where to order design and installation of LCN?

In case you do not know reliable people for LCN organization, IT-LANCE provides design and installation of LAN for offices and enterprises in Kharkiv.