Design and installation of FOCL

Design, laying and installation of FOCL in Kharkiv

A fiber-optic communication line is one of the most popular connector. According to the specialists, it will be used everywhere both for creating communication lines and upgrading the existing lines. That is because fiber-optic cable has a number of advantages above copper cables or a wireless data transmission.

Benefits of fiber-optic cable

Main advantages of a fiber-optic cable are that it could be used at long distances, and also it could be laid together with a power cable without interferences for signal. As a result, you are guaranteed with a reliable connection that meets the advertised rate. Also we provide the necessary security, because the transmitted signal by optic is not generated and it is difficult to intercept it. If there was an attempt of your fiber-optic system physical hacking, you would know this in a short time.

Design and installation of FOCL for offices, coffees, shops, and hotels are the same. Our specialists prefer using the fiber-optic cables, because this cable has greater interference immunity, than the nets based on wireless data transmission technologies. Also the cable network shows the most stable operation and load resistance of peak traffic.

Where is to order the FOCL services in Kharkiv?

IT-LANCE collaborates with Kharkov large internet-providers, which allow using a fiber-optic cable. We provide installation of fiber-optic communicative lines. This moment our company offers reasonable prices for installation and design of FOCL.