Subscriber IT service

Subscriber IT service in Kharkov

Most of enterprises, even small, have the main computer-server, where employees have an access to general information, and also a certain number of computers. Administration, configuration and maintenance of the server are a demanding process and have to be performed by a qualified and experienced specialist. Subscribe IT service is a relevant type of service for companies, which do not have employees on this subject.

PC and server configuration and administration

The most common server of a small company or a highly loaded project sources always require the corresponding settings. It is an important process upon which your further company work depends. So it is essential this obligation would be assigned to a qualified specialist, who knows about different options, who understands the whole flow of information through the network. IT-LANCE company gives you an opportunity of remote maintenance. In case of further questions or problems our specialists are able to provide a remote servers or computers administration.

Administration of Linux and Windows servers, and also computer configuring and maintenance includes the following services:

  • hardware diagnostics and error detection;
  • server maintenance, monitoring of systems for preventing the faults;
  • process optimization, that allows to speed up the system operation;
  • configuring access policy to resources and creation of user accounts;
  • ant hacker protection, configuring antivirus;
  • all types of operations with databases, configuring and optimization.

Service and PC technical support

There is constant access to servers, especially web-projects do. Also the procedure of data requesting and responding is very difficult. Even after correct configuring, the further administrating is necessary. Servers and PC technical support is a set of services which provides a faults-free operation, maintenance and solving the current problems, operating system upgrade, software and antivirus support, work with users and accounts.

Where is to order the subscriber IT service in Kharkov?

IT-LANCE is an IT-outsourcing representative in Kharkov. Our distinctive feature is a high-quality executed work and reasonable prices for services and configuring, administrating of computers. The specialists have the certificates and regularly take courses to raise their qualifications that give us the opportunity to provide our clients a high quality service.