Service of the coming system administrator

Coming system administrator in Kharkov

Providing corporate clients with IT services is one of the main areas at outsourcing market for our company. Nowadays, almost any business can work without offices and workstation computerization and automation. IT-LANCE helps you to provide a fault-free equipment operation without much financial outlay. System administration service is the fastest and most reliable way to work with IT area of your business.

Our specialists have years of experience, that means we a ready to solve any problems in a short time. Coming system administrator does this.

System administrator service for offices, organizations and enterprises

If you have problems with computer equipment, our specialists are ready to come to the office in 30 minutes and troubleshoot the current problems. There are situations, when the physical presence of specialist is unnecessary at the office. In this case, we have an opportunity to connect the specialist remotely to the problem computer and he will be able to fix it in a short time. It worth to mention you pay upon completion of work. So you do not need to employ a system administrator and also there is not necessity to pay the salary because he configures the equipment only one or two times per month. It considerably saves your budget. A coming or remote system administrator is ready to solve any problems and consult you on any questions you have.

However, if it is impossible to solve the problem at the office, our enterprise has an opportunity to provide you with backup equipment to support the working process. We send defective hardware to the service center for repairing or replacement.

You will no longer waste your business time waiting for equipment repair.

Here are the top of requested services:

  • Performing diagnostic test for whole computer system;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Removing the viruses;
  • Setup and debugging of network;
  • Data backup;
  • Implementation and repair of PC components;
  • Business software installation;
  • Installation and maintenance of peripheral equipment;
  • Linux system administration
It is not a full list of services, which we are ready to provide.

Where is to order system administration services in Kharkov?

In Kharkov, you can order reasonable administration services by contacting our company. We provide only the most affordable prices for a coming system administrator services. The cost of our services is always specified objectively and depends on features of your company.
IT-LANCE is your reliable and rapid assistant in IT area.