IT audit

IT audit and consulting in Kharkov

Computers are common in our life, and they have made it easier. The opportunities, that became possible with improvement of technology and internet, let us to improve the work process of different areas every day. However, each stage of the system requires the maintenance, control, safety and quality improvement. This type of maintenance is called IT-infrastructure. Today it-consulting is necessary for organizations, business, offices, cafés, shops, hotels and others.

What is IT-audit?

IT audit or PC-audit is a diagnostic of all your systems and software. Firstly, the specialists make data security audit. It is very important for the company that works with finance or other data, that has to be inside the company. Most of costumers do not imagine how it is easy to get the access from outside into the open network. The aim of manager is to find out weak areas and reduce them.

Server audit – is audit of the main computer of your company. All data and work processes on computers are stored or routed through servers. Common data bases are stored on them and they are always addressed by employees. Smooth work is needed, because there might be situations when the enterprise loses all stored data because of server issues. That is why an analogous system needs the constant and regular diagnostic. And only a specialist has to provide it.

The majority of enterprises have more than one computer that means that it is a big company, where dozens or even hundreds of people work and communicate with each other. All these computers have to be connected with common network to make possible work process. Network infrastructure or local network auditing is provided for failure-free connection between centers. Work at the enterprise could be stopped due to the failure of one of the centers, but it depends on type of the system.

All you do on the computer is performed by programs. Software audit helps to avoid software failures, and also the latest update are installed for better performance.

Database audit has to be provided only by specialists.

Where is to order the IT audit service in Kharkov?

Kharkov is a big city, where a lot of enterprises are concentrated. They need such services. IT-LANCE has a leading position in IT audit market. We have specialists and qualified employees that is our distinguishing feature. Reasonable prices for infrastructure IT audit remove the obstacles to the safe and well functioning of all your systems.