IT outsourcing

Computers and office equipment are the main part of a modern office for efficient workflow. In this case you need regular maintenance, improvement and repair of equipment. If it is unprofitable to employ an IT specialist or a number of computers is small, it is useful to use services of system administrator on outsourcing terms.

What is IT outsourcing? Outsourcing is usually the process of performing full-time job by employees of another core company. In other words, when you need of any technical support, software or servers setting or even computer equipment repair, you contact the company with which you have concluded a contract. A specialist comes to your office or does his work remotely. Business processes IT outsourcing allows the business owner to save money, paying only for completed work, not for full working month that does not depend on employment.

IT-LANCE company provides a range of administration services of IT-industry for small and medium-sized business. We offer one-time service for creation, setting up, repair and improvement of networks, workstations, servers and others, as well as system administrator services in Kharkiv. Our key aim is the seamless functioning of your office, with low cost on testing and maintenance of computers or office equipment. Our specialists take a part in development of computer technologies, so we will help you in finding solutions to a full range of computer problems.

If you cooperate with IT-LАNCE company, we conclude an agreement for office IT-services. Key benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • Integrated approach. We offer services from installation to integration of systems at enterprises.
  • Competence. Our employees are certified specialists.
  • Reliability. Our key aim is seamless functioning of your office.
  • Money saving. Minimal maintenance cost without quality loss.

IT maintenance of offices and enterprises

The majority of the customers that need IT outsourcing services, a workers at offices, enterprises or other public organizations. We provide outsourcing maintenance services of offices, cafes, shops, hotels. List of services:

  • analysis (diagnostic) of existing office IT-infrastructure, servers and other equipment;
  • installation of users access policy to files and computer network;
  • installation of PC software;
  • installation of antivirus and firewalls;
  • configuration both simple and complex servers, and further maintenance (administration);
  • organization of failsafe computer system (installation of system that provides database backup, backup server installation).

Where to order IT outsourcing for business in Kharkiv?

We are the company that offers you IT outsourcing services at an affordable price in Kharkov. We conclude an agreement with clients, it includes: performance of services by experts, system failure prediction, subscription service of servers and computers, set up of system and application software.

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