Specialized solutions for call centers

The call center, where modern technologies are not used, presents an ineffective tool that provides operability only in case of low load. How to be in case you want to develop and get a higher income through increasing the amount of inbound traffic? The number of people, who want to place an order, increases, but managers just unable to process all applications because of an ineffective call distribution system and a shapeless structure of conversation date basing.

With each missed call your business loses a potential customer on offered services and goods. And those could be orders for dozens, hundreds, and even thousands dollars. It is possible to avoid this situation by implementation of IP-telephony for call centers.

What is IP-telephony?

IP-telephony for call centers is voice communication that works on DTN, including IP – Internet Protocol. It consists of a set of high technology tools, which allow you to increase efficiency of inbound call processing. Even disregarding the utility of additional features, which are good for total performance, IP-telephony still has an advantage over traditional telephony line at call centers – it is considerable reduction of call cost.

Which benefits does the IP-telephony give to call centers?

IP-technology installation allows reducing a number of weak spots for call centers. They could be usual for business-processes, which are connected with processing of inbound call. You are proposed with a set of advantages of an offered solution by Mighty Call company:

  • get an automatically system of inbound and outbound calls;
  • installation of automatically call back feature, ordering on a site or в IVR;
  • synchronize the call center with different database system (CRM, CMS, АБС, etc);
  • distribute the load among call center operators, taking into account skills and speed of call processing of each employee;
  • ability to record the calls and analyze the quality of their processing;
  • save the budget on such solution about 8-800 using free calls on the internet;
  • ability to install 450 statistic counters, that will allow you to consider the general situation.

What equipment you need to organize the call center using IP-telephony?

You need to install gateway to connect IP-telephony with the call center. They connect to a telephone line, that guarantees the connectivity around the world, and connection to Internet Protocol net, to configure communication from PC. In case, you want to connect the wireless system, you need additional accessorize parts such as VoIP-telephones and routers. Headphones are needed in case of connection through the PC.

It is easy to setup and modernize the IP-telephony equipment of call centers. System does not require special knowledge or skills that give a warranty of quick process of new operators training. Despite of this, our specialists provide a turnkey setup and offer a consulting assistance.

Where to order specific solutions for call centers?

IT-LANCE offers own design, installation and setup services for your organization. Our specialists offer the most effective solutions, taking into account your business needs to make you serve a great amount of clients in a short time.