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Solutions based on Asterisk software

Asterisk is free cross-platform software for computer telephony solutions creation for voice over IP-line. This article gives in a short form the advantages of this framework.

So far, the IP telephony displays the legacy solutions based on mini PASX for middle and big enterprises. This is due to the fact that the Asterisk (as the most popular product in this segment), with necessary equipment, provides users with a set of functionality features. Some of them:

  • Maintenance of all features of classical PBX
  • Maintenance of a great amount of protocols: SIP, H.323, IAX2, MGCP, SIMPLE, Skinny/SCCP, XMPP (Google Talk), Unistim, Skype, DUNDi, OSP, T.38
  • Program features: conference-call, voicemail, automatic answer, interactive voice response (IVR), call holding and transferring (adding to a queue and routing the calls to your agents using different methods), CDR record and others.
  • Flexible setup: Asterisk has several types of settings, allowing you to solve different problems with receiving/ forwarding calls. In addition, performing functional extension is possible through the creation of own dialing plan on C, AEL, Lua languages, or by using of AGI universal interface for integration with external data processing system.
  • Signal quality. IP-telephony allows you to transmit the best quality digital signal, that minimizes the possible loss of connection because of difficult communication and it raises the comfort of using.
  • Simplicity and reliability of organization. Because Asterisk includes the use of networking, it avoids problems with organization and connection of secondary circuits that simplifies and cuts the cost of solution. In addition, low-cost solution provides to organize a backup server in case the main server is out of service. It provides even higher level of reliability.
  • Scalability. In case of sharp increase the number of subscribers, the system could be customized easily for increased workload by porting on more productive equipment.
  • Reducing of telephony costs. Using Asterisk it is possible to bring the remote offices together, even not using the phone provider.

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