Hardware based solutions

IP-АТС include out of the box solutions of digital telephony from world-wide brands, such as — Panasonic, Zyxel, Samsung, LG, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and others.

Out-of-the-box solutions became a new trend on the IP-PBX hardware market, based on Asterisk platform. These PBX are configured by using web-interface, that is like a free Asterisk module — FreePBX. Asterisk-based IP-PBX hardware is a low-cost solution for organization of telephony, because using SIP protocol does not require the additional licensing.

Most popular Asterisk-based IP-PBX hardware — Grandstream, Yeastar, Planet

IP-PBX hardware has FXO/FXS ports — for connecting of analogue line and telephones, digital ISDN ports — for connection PRI/BRI protocols, and also ports for intercom and electric key connection.

Benefits of IP-PBS hardware solutions

  • Configuration documentation, users guide
  • Warranty and developed system of network centers around the country
  • Available end-user interface
  • Common architecture and one standard
  • Out-of-the-box version, that allows to combine different modules into one


  • Limited set of functions
  • Cost is higher than racialization with IP-PBX software and service of cloud АТС Cloud Calls
  • IP-PBX hardware gets older. New platforms are created and the manufacturer stops using the old generation
  • Internal protocol of data transmission, that does not allow to connect system and IP-telephones of external users

How to order hardware-based solutions

Buying IP-PBX hardware you get an end-to-end turnkey solution. Connect to IT-LANCE specialists who not only consult you and help to choose the equipment, but also will install and program the PBX for your aims.