Wireless solutions

Wireless network (Wi-Fi network) — is an alternative to the existing wire line networks. If it is expensive, impossible or unsafe to lay a cable, it is better to use the wireless technologies (Wi-Fi technology) to build local network.

As experience shows, it is necessary to pay attention on pre-plan during wireless network building. That is why it is necessary to consult with a specialist. In other case, the system could be inefficient, software will not work correctly and will prevent it’s fully utilize. The time and money you spend on system needs it will be necessary to rework it, engaging specialists in this area.

Our specialists will help you to organize qualitative and seamless Wi-Fi coverage at your enterprise, abiding by the existing standards and rules. Before starting the work we prepare the project and calculate the cost that guarantees the customer with expected result.

The specialists are highly experienced in wireless network projecting, their construction, setup and further maintenance. If you trust specialists to do the work, IT-LANCE is your choice. Our certified specialists will help you to build an effective, stable and quick wireless network.