Creation and support of corporate networks

Corporate network allows bringing all offices and branches of your enterprise together into one informational space. The qualitative network creation is a good foundation for your seamless operation and further development. Our specialists can undertake certain works of building a number of cabling and wireless network, and also to provide hardware setup and making secure communication and data transmission channel.

IT-LANCE company works with large internet providers, that allows us to use optical fiber cable for connection with objects. Our specialists prefer using cable route, because cable has a higher level of interference immunity than networks based on wireless technologies of data tracing. Also cable networks show stable operation and wire resistance. We consider both practical and interior components during system implementation, because the most hidden cable routing is used.

Construction, design and setup of network

Today any work is carried out with using of computer – creation of documents, performing calculations and data retention. It is hard to imagine an office without computers, and their number is directly proposal to a number of employees. Creation of network in small office and local network at big companies are needed, to make computers interconnected. Network design and organization for enterprise are a complex and a responsible process, that includes a number of nuances relating to technology area and specify of the company. To connect the office to the Internet are only the first step to interconnection of all computers provided by our company, as a core business.

How do computers interconnect?

Network connection helps each worker to have an access to servers and stored data. Server is a heart of your network. Creation and laying of network for offices, cafes, shops, hotels, and other enterprises, means a creation of interconnection between all computers at the enterprise. There are several types of network and an expert chooses the most suitable, based on site placement. It is very important, because depending on network construction, one site failure causes cut off a server and the Internet for the following sites in the branch. Only experienced specialist of core business has to do this work. Failures in network laying process can influence on further workflow and can reduce its efficiency.

Creation and organization of office network allows getting a local access of one site to another that is very comfortable to transfer, view and use the stored data on this media storage. It is often, when all necessary information is on the central computer, and it is a server at the same time. It is central, because all site branches are connected to this computer. As well as all roads lead to Rome, so a server integrates all local network. It should not be explained, why the correct connection and qualified server setup are so important. Otherwise, problems may occur at a most inopportune moment. Only experts have to perform such tasks, and reviewing of several articles and schemes cannot replace experience and years of studying at the university.

Where to order network creation services?

A lot of offices appear every day, and they need maintenance and support services. IT-LANCE has high quality employees in IT field. We can offer affordable prices on network services, which would be affordable for each organization. It is time to rely on professionals.

Experts of IT-LANCE company will help you to design, install and set up corporate network. If you have an existing corporate network, our experts can provide equipment diagnostics and maintenance to prevent and reduce failures and it provides reliability and smooth operation.