Rework of BAS

It is usual that typical configurations of «BAS» do not fully meet the company needs, that has own features of accounting. So there is a need to make certain changes of the configuration system.

If it is necessary to do a large amount of work for reworking, it is useful to create a new configuration, instead of reworking of any configurations. There are two ways of creating configuration, which would meet your needs: creating a new configuration or reworking of existing one. The cost of reworking depends on the volume of completed work and is calculated according to the time spent by a programmer.

Rework of «BAS» includes:

  • administration, rework and modification of configurations in ascendancy with company aims;
  • development of new configurations;
  • integration/synchronization of «BAS» software products with other programs and systems;
  • updating/installation and configuring of BAS, database trimming;
  • optimization of existing software or database, increasing of working speed;
  • interface and functional improvement, development of new non-typical configurations, creating the modules;
  • informational bases creation and data exchange between configurations setup, transferring the handbooks, operations;
  • modification and rework of existing, new documents, individual reports and handbooks creation, processing the accountancy, operation and management accountancy;
  • administration of user rights, individual settings and reports creation, reducing the faults in settings;
  • restore of database;
  • analysis of the tasks, problem areas identification and their troubleshooting.