Implementation of BAS

IT-LANCE provides services for implementation of 1C:Enterprise. We provide a full set of services, ranging from purchasing the 1C:Enterprise software, to setup, maintenance and further reworking.

Accountants work with «BAS». Since the studentship they spend a large part of the day studying all aspects of a job. But what has a new company do, which has just started setting up an accountant system? Implementation of «1C:Enterprise» at the enterprise and employee training can help. Every small company has faced with this necessity, so it is impossible to handle that without such useful tool. Also, there are replacement software products, however, they are not good as «BAS». After installation you can freely use all advantages if software. For small companies, which have just started activity, available price is the main criterion. You can buy «BAS» in our company, and the specialists would provide a software set up. The ease of use the «1C:Enterprise» depends just on quality of setting up.

How to buy BAS

If you need to buy the software, we recommend you to consult with our company. Our specialists are ready to help to choose BAS and provide information about necessary configuration, tell about licensing and terms of after-service service, and free showcase of 1C:Enterprise.

In IT-LANCE you can get a full range of services for automation of accountancy, management and tax accounting.

BAS is the first step towards the automation of your business. The next step is to develop a detail design of automation, provide installation and testing works to obtain effective software. If your company has not its own specialist, IT-LANCE company would be happy to provide an end-to-end solution, including delivery,implementation and maintenance BAS.

Support of BAS

Support of BAS is a range of services, which provide modeling for automation, product requirement documents, launching full functionalities of implemented product with further training and moving towards maintenance.

Every company has own aims, implementation methods of management accounting and lots of other nuances, our company provides an individual development and implementation of each BAS projects.

Maintenance of BAS

IT-LANCE provides a wide range of services for maintenance of «BAS» both within subscription maintenance and ad hoc tasks from the customer.

For qualified maintenance the specialist has to be both a professional in programming and has to be able to combine accounting framework of «BAS» with knowledge of accounting and tax accounting. We provide services for maintenance both of typical and own configurations. Maintenance includes the necessary configuration improvement and complex consultation on emerging issues.

Our specialists have a great servicing experience in information systems based on BAS. We are ready to help you find the necessary «BAS» product for your company, and improve its configuration files for your tasks.