BAS training

BAS – is feature-rich software with unlimited possibilities. It provides flexibility in using the software for different applications of any complexity level. However, it has also a number of disadvantages. The main one is an increased complexity of the software used by users, who have not previously worked with 1C: Enterprise.

IT-LANCE provides services of 1C:Enterprise training, both for novice and advanced users. Our specialists have a great experience in practical usage of 1C: Enterprise and they would teach you to use this software and how to get the maximum benefit.

1C: Enterprise training – is one of the most necessary steps in implementation of 1C:Enterprise at your enterprise for automation of accounting, because the employees, who are allowed to use fully the software application features, will provide quality work, that makes more profit.

You can study 1C:Enterprise software in our company either individually or in a team. We can help you to make sense of different versions of 1C: Enterprise software, also we will show the nuances of working with features and train important aspects of the work.

Become a professional with IT-LANCE!