Automation of accounting in the enterprise

In the modern world it is impossible to provide effective management without automation of accounting system!

1C:Enterprise is a convenient and effective tool for solution of a wide range of tasks for automation of accounting and management systems at the enterprise.


«1С:Enterprise» is software for automation of enterprise’s operations. It is usually used for automaton of accountancy and management accounting. It is difficult for a person to keep a record of payroll, so developed software perfectly does this work.

There are several versions of this software. Of course, it is better to use the newest product, but early versions also fulfill their role successfully. Our specialists will help you choose the right platform for your needs, and you will be able to buy 1C:Enterprise at a good price.

The installer provides a remote (subscription, outsourcing) service, maintenance and training of “1C:Enterprise». It is necessary to learn how to work with 1C:Enterprise, as well as with other professional software. Because of this, client sometimes needs a help in working, or report generation. Our specialists provide administration, maintenance and improvement of 1C:Enterprise for more comfortable exploitation. Before installation of any version you need to ask about its pros and cons, and choose the best one.

1С:Enterprise is implemented in a "turnkey" way by qualified specialists, who provide warranty on their services. Thus the installation and setup are more clear and without any problems. Despite the software universality, work of each company has its own specificity that leads to needs to expand some standard settings. The specialists tailor the system to customer’s areas. The quality software ergonomic allows to optimize working processes, that leads to more effective results.

Where to order 1С:Enterprise installation?

IT-LANCE company will help you with installation of «1С:Enterprise», that has the most loyal pricing policy in Ukraine, and the best quality of services provided for automation of accountancy at the enterprise.

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