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Alex Pyshny — СЕО IT-LANCE

IT-LANCE — not just a company, it is the philosophy of the perfect IT world. Each of our large team — it is the bearer of the big idea of the modern culture of the IT space. We have gathered the best specialized specialists from all over Ukraine. Each of us clearly sees the picture of an ideal IT infrastructure.

Every day we create and make this world a better place. While you are reading this text, IT-LANCE is building a new IT ecosystem in order for the business to optimize and earn more. We have secured a high level of service quality standard to which we are equal.

Let's face a productive future together!

Creation of IT-LANCE

In 2015, a small team of enthusiastic system administrators rallied into a lively team of like-minded people. The main idea was to sow efficiency, resiliency and security among the IT infrastructures of Kharkov companies.

Development in spite of everything

At this moment, the IT-LANCE team is already quite confidently on its feet. There are about 300 clients in the clip, most of them outside their native Kharkov. The team is growing and there are already more than 20 of us.

Became Company of the Year for the first time
We — second time «Company of the Year»
Third time in a row IT-LANCE — «Company of the Year»
IT-LANCE today

About 1100 clients have passed through our hands. We received the certificate of the international standard for the quality management system of organizations and enterprises ISO: 9001:2015 and the certificate of the international standard for information security ISO: 27001:2013. We are actively developing and working with companies from different parts of the CIS.

Do you have a good doctor whom you trust with your health? IT-LANCE — this is just such a doctor, but we are not treating people, but digital organisms. Your office — it is a complex system in which all "organs" must function properly. We take “tests”, prescribe “treatments” and perform “operations”. We make sure that viruses do not make their way to you, and in a situation when you come into contact with someone, you have reliable protection. Make an appointment and do not be afraid of our procedures. It does not hurt.
You will work with us
Chief Project Manager of the Infrastructure Solutions Department
Polina Khoroshilova
I lead clients by the hand, from the moment they receive a request to satisfied “thank you”.
IT Architect of Infrastructure Solutions Department
Vadim Tsilyurik
Leading IT Security Specialist
Andrey Poltorakov
I know how to quickly troubleshoot and stand beautifully in the photo. As you can see, I'm already standing in the photo.
IT-LANCE supports clients throughout the territory of Ukraine
Still have questions?
I will be happy to answer them.

Leading specialist in infrastructure solutions

Andrey Poltorakov

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