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About us

The company activity is focused on integrated service of different sized enterprises.
We are an IT service supplier for the largest Kharkov enterprises, and also we provide customer support
of IT-infrastructure for small and medium-sized business in other regions.

Our Services

Work Scheme

Our company policy is high quality of provided services and flexible customer service.

IT-LANCE has set an example of high quality work of specialists, who have a great experience in implementation of complex project in information technologies. Exactly, many-year experience and analytical approach let us plan complex projects in a suitable and optimal way, and this reduce the project budget.

The main advantages of our company are professional, end-to-end and creative problem solutions, which our partners and consumers have. If necessary, we will solve the problem in a short time.

Problem statement, data collection, definition of requirements for solving the problem.
Complex analysis and study of the problem, solution modeling and SOW statement.
Software product development, hardware installation and setup.
Complex analysis and study of the problem, solution modeling and SOW statement.
Extensive testing and debugging, implementation of out-of-the-box solution into business process.

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Our clients

It's all good, you say,
but why are you better than the rest

Most of our clients come to us on recommendation. Before creating this block, we asked: "- Why do you advise us?"

Company of the Year

Company of the Year

Company of the Year

Certificate of the international standard for the quality management system of organizations and enterprises ISO:9001:2015

Member of the "Union of Business Automators"

International Information Security Standard Certificate ISO:27001:2013

We got a reply

You are the experts

Our clients did not hear the words: "- We will not undertake this." We deal with equipment of any configurations and vendors, and then individually select a solution for your task. Over the years, we've probably already dealt with infrastructure like yours. We know the strengths and weaknesses of hardware, operating systems and software.

Solve problems very quickly

Time is money. One minute of downtime for one of our clients costs him $12,000, so we, like no one else, understand the meaning of this expression. That is why IT-LANCE's response time to faults is one of the shortest on the market. At your disposal: the first and second lines of technical support, a dedicated project manager, an emergency response team and a field technician. Everything so that the business does not stand idle.

You are reliable

We sign an agreement with each of our clients, in which we fix our obligations and firm guarantees of their fulfillment.

We feel safe

None of our clients have suffered from attempts to attack the company. We highly value our reputation and confidence in ourselves. Our clients know that whatever information gets into IT-LANCE, its confidentiality will be strictly observed. This is always reflected in the cooperation agreement with the client.

Moreover, each of our employees undergoes a polygraph test, and a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) has been signed with each.

Close all questions at once

IT-LANCE undertakes absolutely all IT-related tasks.

We select reliable solutions, individual for each client, depending on the state of the IT infrastructure and the tasks that need to be solved.

IT outsourcing in Kharkov

IT outsourcing is a range of computer support services, which actually performed by third-party specialists without involvement of employees.

Computer and office equipment repair and maintenance, local network setup, workstation maintenance, remote system administration, and others are included in service list.

For some companies, both big and small, integrated IT services for offices is more profitable that the existence of own technical support department or even one employed system administrator. In case of outsourcing company involvement you pay the specialist only upon completion of the work.

The global experience of such collaboration ensures economical expediency of third party specialist participating. As a result, this IT service is a profitable alternative for usual employees.

The question is: "What happens in case of constant failures of office equipment?" You need a person, who has to support its working capacity. Primarily, such problems arise due to lack of staff competence. The failure rate of equipment declines rapidly, when a master starts working. We provide IT services for business only with participation of highly qualified specialists. This approach leads to a lack of urgent necessity in having a regular system administrator as an employee. In this case the company pays only upon completion of the work.

Where to order IT services for business in Kharkov?

You can order IT services for your business at a low price in our company. We work quickly and with a high quality. Our main advantage is affordable price for IT maintenance of small business. We work only in an official way. Before starting the collaboration we constitute a service agreement for organizations. In Kharkov our team had long time ago approved itself on the IT service market.

IT service of IT-LANCE organizations – is a quality, reliability and competence.

Computer services for offices include:

Computer support of any complexity with a visit of the specialist to the office;

An immediate coming of our specialists in case of a serious breakdown;

Planned preventive equipment maintenance. It is carried out once a month.

Remote system administration;

In addition to office maintenance, IT-LANCE company also provides IT support and maintenance of offices, shops, cafés, hotels and other fields of infrastructure.